Media Interviews: ITK420 Premiere: Keith Stroup and David Holland

In the inaugural episode of In the Know 420, we have NORML founder Keith Stroup, Esq., and former High Times general counsel David Holland, Esq., regarding the genesis of their involvement in the movement, the founding of NORML, and the future of marijuana, law and policy in the United States.

Ending Marijuana Prohibition w/ Barry Grissom

On this week’s episode of In the Know 420, host Joseph A. Bondy, Esq. is accompanied by his special guest, anti-prohibitionist and former United States Attorney for the State of Kansas, discussing the failed war on drugs and need for marijuana legalization.

The Entrepreneurs Guide to Cannabis w/ Mike Z

On this week’s “In the Know 420,” Joe is joined by special guest Michael Zaytsev, of High NY fame, and author of "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Cannabis: Concentrated Advice from 25 Industry Leaders." 

Growing Warriors with Hemp Farmer

Media Interviews, Audio: In the Know 420: featuring America's first farmer to grow hemp legally since 1938, U.S. Army Veteran and Growing Warriors Founder Mike Lewis.

Brave New Weed with Author Joe Dolce

On this week’s episode of In the Know 420, host Joseph A. Bondy, Esq. is accompanied by his special guest, award winning journalist and authorJoe Dolce, who will discuss his critically acclaimed new book “Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis.” 

Automated Cannabis Agriculture w/ Mike Goodenough

Joe speaks with Michael Goodenough to discuss the future of commercial cannabis cultivation, agriculture and agritech, including the use of cloud computing, sensors and the internet of things to achieve greater efficiencies and larger economies of scale in the marijuana industry.

Cannabis Compassionate Care with Dr. Benard Lee

Joe sits down with Dr. Bernard Lee, a New York State cannabis-certified physician, and we discuss the New York Compassionate Care Act, the broadening of its scope to include chronic pain, and legalizing recreational-use marijuana while retaining a medical program.

The Life of Biggs & Canna Cultural Association

On this week’s “In the Know 420,” host Joseph A. Bondy, Esq., is joined by special guests Kareem “Biggs” Burke, co-founder of ROC Apparel and Rockafella Records, and Nelson Guerrero, Jacob Plowden and Zachary Tyson of the Cannabis Cultural  Association (CCA). 

Cannabis Training w/ Oaksterdam Dr. Aseem Sappal

Joe speaks with Dr. Aseem Sappal, the Dean and Provost of Oaksterdam University, America's first cannabis university. They discuss the history of the school, its global reach, courses of study, certification program, and the future of cannabis in the United States.

Cannabis Entrepreneurship w/ Michael Hurt

Joe sits down with special guest Michael Hurt, co-owner of Los Angeles based Supreme Organics, discussing cannabis cultivation, extraction, infusion, and dispensing in Los Angeles, and the future of cannabis in America.